Specialized Accreditation

In addition to SACSCOC, individual academic programs may be accredited by specialized accrediting bodies. ECU maintains a schedule of program accreditations, including DoE-Recognized accreditors (PDF). Academic Planning and Accreditation reviews specialized accreditation self-studies for the official ECU description and SACSCOC accreditation statement before they are submitted to their respective accrediting bodies.

Program List

A list of ECU educational programs that are accredited by specialized accrediting agencies is available in interactive dashboard format:

* Dashboard includes programs accredited by specialized accrediting agencies and the academic program review schedule for programs that are not accredited by specialized accrediting agencies

Responsibilities of IPAR & Units Regarding Specialized Accreditation

IPAR’s Responsibilities

  • Assist faculty with unit data to fulfill requirements of specialized accrediting bodies
  • Review the SACSCOC accreditation statement and ECU description
  • Provide professional and technical expertise on narrative creation, editing and document formatting
  • Collect all self-studies and accreditation letters from units
  • Annually update the standard description of ECU and work with programs to ensure accurate representation of the university
  • Publish accreditation information on IPAR’s website
  • Inform SACSCOC and specialized accreditors of any changes in accreditation status with DOE-recognized accreditors

Units’ Responsibilities

  • Use standard descriptions of ECU at all times
  • Forward self-studies to IPAR for review prior to final submission to accreditor
  • Forward FINAL self-studies to IPAR for archiving
  • Forward all official documentation from accreditors to IPAR upon receipt
  • Inform IPAR of any change to a program’s accreditation status immediately

Please forward all specialized accreditation documentation to Drs. Cyndi Bellacero and Kristen Dreyfus.

Resources for Program Self-Study

In compliance with SACSCOC standards, ECU represents itself accurately and consistently to all U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting bodies with which it holds accreditation. ECU will describe itself in identical terms with regard to purpose, governance, programs, degrees, diplomas, certificates, personnel, finances, and constituents.

Specialized Accreditation Materials