Data Resources

A variety of reports and data bases are available online from which you can obtain ECU data as well as data on the UNC system and our peer institutions. These reports and data bases are of three types: (1) publicly available ECU data resources; (2) ECU data resources accessible by permission only; and (3) publicly available data resources located outside of ECU. Descriptions of these types of resources are given below. Click on a category heading to access links to all the resources within that category. Click here to download a list of data resources with details on data elements available in each.

Publicly available ECU data resources

A wide variety of data dashboards and reports are available for anyone to view. These include the University Dashboard, University Quick Facts, Common Data Set, CUPA-HR Faculty Salary Reports, Delaware Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity, and IPEDS Data Feedback Reports.

ECU data resources accessible by permission only

These data resources require an ECU login (Pirate ID and Passphrase). Some are restricted to specific users. They include the IPAR Business Intelligence App, IPAR Strategic Actions App, IPAR Enrollment Management App, and IPAR Productivity App.

Publicly available data resources located outside of ECU

This group of resources includes those available at the state or federal level; that is, they provide a way to access data about schools within the University of North Carolina System (UNC System Academic Program Inventory, UNC System Data Dashboard) or any school that receives federal funding (IPEDS Data Center).