East Carolina University (ECU) is committed to documenting the quality, effectiveness and continuous improvement strategies of its programs and services. As such, Institutional Assessment (IA) facilitates and documents systematic strategic planning and assessment processes.   Academic and administrative units report annually on strategic plans aligned to ECU’s institutional strategic plan.  ECU’s assessment process includes gathering evidence of student learning for academic programs, general education and co-curricular experiences.  Educational programs along with administrative and academic support services, have developed assessment plans that includes outcomes, means of assessment and criterion for success and report on the plan annually. Assessment resources are available to help faculty and staff in developing, implementing, communicating and using evidence of student learning.


In 2020 ECU received the Excellence in Assessment (EIA) designation from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). The EIA designation recognizes colleges and universities that successfully integrate assessment practices throughout the institution, provide evidence of student learning outcomes to stakeholders, and utilize assessment results to guide institutional decision-making and improve student performance. The designation also acknowledges institutions for their efforts in intentional integration of institution-level student learning outcomes, from classroom assessment to institution-level assessment reported for transparency and accountability. ECU is always committed to improving student learning outcomes and dedicated to integrating assessment practices throughout the institution.