Space Planning

Space Planning is responsible for the management and allocation of more than six million square feet of university space, both on and off campus. In an effort to support the University’s Mission, strategic plan, and Master Plan, Space Planning works to ensure the strategic use of existing facilities and guide the development of new facilities.  Space planning compiles and updates a master list of official building names and numbers, maintains the space inventory database by utilizing the AiM™ Space Management software, conducts periodic space audits, maintains and updates building floor plans, and provides support for facility planning efforts across the campus community.  Space Planning serves as a liaison to the UNC General Administration and reports on the University’s facilities usage, and provides support to the University Space Committee (PDF), which serves as the decision making body appointed by the Chancellor, and the Space Allocation Committee (PDF) in their efforts to address university space issues and needs. The office also:

  • Ensures that specialized rooms, such as lactation rooms are available to support the campus community
  • Anticipates and responds to the move planning and surge needs of the University
  • Evaluates, manages, and make recommendations to the University Space Committee regarding requests for new campus space, temporary use of space, and/or space reallocations
  • Analyzes space/population projections to ensure optimal use of existing and proposed space