Requesting Data from Institutional Research

If you are unable to locate the data you need on other IPAR webpages, please submit a short online data request form by clicking on the link below:

Data and Report Request

From this page, please click on “Request Data or Report.”  (You may be asked to log into the ticketing system using your ECU credentials, i.e., username and passphrase.)  On the data/report request form, you will be asked to provide information such as the purpose for your request, a short description, due date, and preferred deliverable.  When describing your request, please be as specific as possible.  For example, you may want to include selection criteria (e.g., first-time, full-time freshmen only) and time period (e.g., Fall 2018, Academic Year 2018-2019).   If you need help in completing items from a form or survey, please provide a copy of the actual form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions.  (You can upload attachments at the end of the data request form.)

Requests are processed as soon as possible and are usually completed within 5 business days.  However, depending upon the complexity of your request (and volume of requests currently in the queue), completion may take longer.  An IR staff member will contact you if there are questions about, or we foresee any delays in filling, your request.  If, after initial review, it is determined that your request is better filled by another unit at ECU, the request will be forwarded to that unit; you will not need to submit a new request form.

To check on the status of a data or report request, go to the Team Dynamix home page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the box titled “My Submitted Tickets.”

If you have questions about what data can and cannot be supplied by IR, please read through the document linked below. Note that if you are requesting data in which specific faculty, staff, or students can be identified, your request will be submitted to the relevant Data Steward for approval before filling.

Data Provision Guidelines

If you will be requesting data from IPAR to be used in a research project, please read and complete the document linked below to submit with your IRB proposal. The document contains not only questions to inform your data request but also information on the process to obtain a letter of support from Institutional Research which must also be included with your IRB materials. This process is relevant only if you will be requesting data from IPAR. Note: Even if using personally identifiable data on ECU faculty, staff, or students not obtained through an IPAR data request (e.g., data available to you in an ecuBIC report, from students in your courses, or from another ECU office), you must contact the relevant data steward to obtain approval for the use of the data in your research. You will need to include documentation of this approval with your IRB materials.

Data Plan For Research Projects