Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction (SSOI)

Each semester IPAR administers the Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction (SSOI), the official instrument approved by Faculty Senate for course evaluations at ECU. The survey contains questions about the instructor, course, student participation, as well as open-ended comments. There are additional questions for distance education, lab, and field-based courses. Individual study, thesis/dissertation research, UNC Online, independent study abroad, exchange, and course sections with fewer than 6 students enrolled are excluded from the SSOI.

Students and instructors are notified via email when the survey opens and receive a link to complete the survey. The survey can also be accessed by logging in to the Blue portal, or in Canvas using the Course Evaluations link within course navigation. Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for specific dates when the SSOI will be available.

Click below to access your course evaluations in Blue or Canvas.

Instructors of face-to-face classes are to set aside 15 minutes of time in class for students to complete the SSOI on their digital devices. In face-to-face classes, instructors are to read the Mandatory Statement about Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction (SSOI) to students and leave the room.

Reports are made available after the grade entry deadline for the semester. Survey results are always anonymous, and comments are provided to instructors verbatim. Deans and Department Chairs are provided access to instructor reports with comments omitted.


SPOTS (2013-2016)

Prior to the implementation of the new SSOI in summer 2016, ECU used the Student Perception of Teaching Survey (SPOTS).  These reports are available in ecuBIC.