Centers & Institutes Review

East Carolina University (ECU) in accordance with UNC Policy 400.5R requires each UNC-designated center and institute to report annually to the ECU Centers and Institutes Committee and to undergo a comprehensive review every 5 years.  Each center and institute director is required to be reviewed both annually by the next higher level senior administrator in the organizational structure and as part of the 5 year comprehensive review process.

Annual reports provide the mechanism by which the Centers and Institutes Committee monitors productivity of centers and institutes in relationship to their stated missions, expectations, and resources expended.  The annual reports are completed using a standardized template that allows aggregation of data at the time of the comprehensive review.  To the extent possible, the annual report includes the assessment components required for institutional accreditation, allowing the report to meet annual assessment reporting requirements.  Following the 5-year comprehensive review, the annual report becomes the mechanism by which progress on action plans are documented by the center or institute and tracked by the Centers and Institutes Committee.

The comprehensive review provides independent assessment of the overall effectiveness and impact of centers and institutes relative to ECU’s mission and strategic goals, resources allocation, productivity relative to the resources available, specific strengths and weaknesses relative to similar entities at other institutions, and opportunities for improving performance and growing the enterprise.  The review process is comprised of five major components:

  1. Self-Study informed by the aggregate data from the annual reports
  2. Review by an independent Review Committee
  3. Review Committee’s Report, including recommendations
  4. Action Plan that details the response to the Review Committee’s Report and provides focus for a post-review meeting of the director and the Centers and Institutes Committee
  5. Annual Report to the Centers and Institutes Committee on implementation of the Action Plan

Procedures for Annual and Comprehensive Review of Centers and Institutes (PDF)

Schedule of Reviews for Centers & Institutes

DateCenter/InstituteAdministrative HomeDirectorClassification
Fall 2024East Carolina Diabetes & Obesity InstituteBSOMDarrell NeuferResearch
Spring 2025Center for Health DisparitiesBSOMKathryn Verbanac (interim)Research
Fall 2025Rural Education InstituteCOEKristen CuthrellService
Spring 2026NC Agromedicine InstituteBSOMRobin TutorService
Fall 2026Crisp Small Business Resource CenterCOBEmily YeagerService
Spring 2027Center for Telepsychiatry and e-Behavioral HealthBSOMSy SaeedService
Fall 2027Coastal Studies InstituteAcademic AffairsReide CorbettResearch
Spring 2028Center for Sustainable Energy & Environmental EngineeringCETTarek Abdel-SalamResearch

Review Schedule (PDF)