Credit Hour Requirements

Many majors have specific general education requirements and students should check the requirements for their intended major prior to selecting general education courses. For example, some majors may require specific humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, and/or social sciences courses.

Unless prohibited by a degree program requirement, credit hours earned in one general education area (fine arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, or social sciences) may count towards a major in that area.

Competencies and Course Credit

Competency area program learning outcomes identify what each course that earns general education credit must achieve in order for it to fulfill a general education competency requirement.

Courses at the 1000 and 2000 level with no multiple prerequisites and a primary focus on one of the competency areas can receive general education credit for that particular competency. The primary focus means that students are expected to achieve student learning outcomes for the competency area.

Under special circumstances, and with appropriate justification, a 3000 level course may receive general education credit.

General Education Competency Area Credit Hour Requirements

The general education requirement is 40 semester hours as follows:

  1. Humanities and Fine Arts (GE:HU; GE:FA) – 9 semester hours  (Select at least one course in humanities and one course in fine arts.)
  2. Natural Sciences (GE:SC) – 7 semester hours (At least one course must require laboratory work.)
  3. Social Sciences (GE:SO) – 9 semester hours (Select courses from at least two major prefix areas.)
  4. Health Promotion and Health-Related Physical Activity (GE:HL; GE:EX) – 3 semester hours (Select at least one course in each area.)
  5. Written Communication (GE:EN) – 6 semester hours (ENGL 1100 and ENGL 2201.)
  6. Mathematics (GE:MA) – 3 semester hours (Select any 3 s.h. course that receives the general education mathematics designation that is at least equivalent to MATH 1050 or MATH 1065 or MATH 1066 or three hours of logic at least equivalent to PHIL 1500. If logic is used to satisfy this requirement, it may not be used to satisfy the humanities requirement for the baccalaureate degree.
  7. General Education Elective – 3 semester hours (Select any 3 s.h. course that receives either humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, or social science general education credit.)