Outcomes Assessment Process

ECU’s Institutional Assessment process includes gathering evidence of student learning for academic programs, general education and co-curricular experiences. The goal of assessment at ECU is to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness through an iterative process of planning, evidence collection, reporting, analysis, and action.

Reporting Process

All academic and support assessment units conduct ongoing assessment and analysis of outcomes according to the ECU Institutional Assessment Process which outlines the annual assessment reporting and review cycles, defines the required components of the assessment report, and describes the purpose and scope of the Institutional Assessment Advisory Council (IAAC).

Annual assessment reports are due in Nuventive Improve no later than May 15 (for 9-month faculty) or June 15 (for 12-month faculty) for educational programs, and August 1 for all support units. Internal unit deadlines may be earlier. A complete assessment report for each active means of assessment includes:

The Assessment Process Cycle: Improve > Report > Review
  • Actions Taken in the Reporting Year
  • Results
  • Analysis of Results
  • Actions Planned for Next Reporting Year

Review Process

An Institutional Assessment Review Committee (IARC) was established to improve the institutional outcomes assessment process at East Carolina University. The IARC replaced the college and division level Assessment Review Committees which began in 2013.  The members of the IARC include both faculty and staff from across campus.

The duties of the IARC include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating the quality of assessment reports using the approved university’s rubric; and
  • Providing feedback on the rubric and review process to IA.

IARC Reviews are completed by October 15th. Review rating are examined by Institutional Assessment and results are shared with the IAAC. Units have until December 15th to make revisions to their reports in Nuventive Improve. In an effort to improve our process and assessment reports a sample of reports are reviewed for changes made based upon review feedback. Final versions of assessment reports are archived by Institutional Assessment.

I-ARC Roster (PDF)