Assessment Resources

Assessment resources are available to help faculty and staff in developing, implementing, communicating and using evidence of student learning. Resources encompass documents, multimedia and training specific to ECU and also the national level.

Nuventive Improve Resources

    • Instructions for Entering and Revising Assessment Reports: Video  PDF
    • Instructions for Attaching Related Documents to Assessment Reports: Video  PDF

Commonly Used Assessment Methods

Direct Measures

Direct examination or observation of student knowledge or skills.

  • Doctoral Dissertation/ Master’s Thesis
  • Examination
  • Portfolio Review
  • Presentation
  • Research Paper
  • Scholarly Activity
  • Pass Rates (licensure, certification)
  • Course-embedded Assignment (evaluated by faculty)

Indirect Measures

Perceived extent or value of learning experiences. Opinions or thoughts about students knowledge or skills.

  • Exit Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Graduate Student Exit Survey
  • Graduate Senior Survey (GSES)
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSEE)
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Self-assessment
  • Percentage of Students Participating in an Activity

ECU’s Distribution of Means of Assessment Categories (PDF)

Resources Related to Higher Education Assessment

High Impact Practices

Other Assessment Resources

The following websites are highly respected and represent authentic assessment processes and information:

Assessment at Other UNC Institutions

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University of North Carolina at Asheville
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