IDEA Survey

Prior to 2019, IPAR contracted with IDEA to administer the Feedback System for Chairs. Beginning in spring 2019 this survey was replaced by the Department Chair Survey.

To be eligible for evaluation, a department chair must:

  1. have been serving in the current position at least since the start of the current academic year
  2. be serving on a permanent or interim basis
  3. have five or more eligible faculty members
  4. not concurrently be under Five-Year Review

To be eligible to participate:

  1. a faculty member must hold rank as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or other faculty title
  2. an EHRA non-faculty member must serve in either the Laupus or Joyner Library
  3. be currently employed and hold full-time appointment
  4. have met these criteria since the start of the current academic year


online IDEA Survey form


IDEA Survey report