Curriculum Liaisons

Curriculum Liaisons are faculty representatives who are familiar with Curriculog™ and the curriculum development process at ECU. Curriculum liaisons assist faculty planners in the development of curriculum packages before submission to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) or Graduate Curriculum Committees. Curriculum Liaisons can assist with:

  • Selecting the correct Curriculog™ forms
  • Reviewing curriculum packages for completeness and accuracy
  • Answering general questions about Curriculog™ and the curriculum development process

Faculty are encouraged to consult with their curriculum liaison prior to submitting a curriculum package in Curriculog™.

Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) and Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) Liaisons

Brody School of Medicine

Richard Franklin
College GCC & UCC Liaison

College of Allied Health Sciences

Tina Seemann
College GCC Liaison
Jennifer McDougal
College UCC Liaison

Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences

Jean-Luc Scemama
College GCC Liaison
Megan Perry
UCC Liaison Anthropology
Grace Chen
UCC Liaison Biology
James Collins
UCC Liaison Chemistry
Scott Walfield
UCC Liaison Criminal Justice
Greg Howard
UCC Liaison Economics
Donna Kain
UCC Liaison English
David Smith
UCC Liaison Foreign Languages and Literatures
Jeff Popke
UCC Liaison Geography, Planning, and Environment
Eric Horsman
UCC Liaison Geology
Rick Hernandez
UCC Liaison History
Jean-Luc Scemama
UCC Liaison Interdisciplinary Studies
Imre Patyi
UCC Liaison Mathematics
Rodney Roberts
UCC Liaison Philosophy and Religious Studies
Steve Wolf
UCC Liaison Physics
Jody Baumgartner
UCC Liaison Political Science
Marion Eppler
UCC Liaison Psychology
Melinda Kane
UCC Liaison Sociology

College of Business

John Drake
College GCC Liaison
Jaclyn Beierlein
College UCC Liaison

College of Education

Scott Glass
College GCC Liaison
Holly Fales
College UCC Liaison

College of Engineering and Technology

Jason Yao
College GCC and UCC Liaison

College of Fine Arts & Communication

Seo Eo
College GCC Liaison
Jay Juchniewicz
College UCC Liaison
Seo Eo
School of Art GCC Liaison
Daniel Kariko
School of Art UCC Liaison
Keith Richards
School of Communication GCC Liaison
Mary Tucker-McLaughlin
School of Communication UCC Liaison
Jay Juchniewicz
School of Music GCC Liaison
Daniel Shirley
School of Music UCC Liaison
Jeni Parker
School of Theatre & Dance UCC Liaison

College of Health and Human Performance

Stacey Altman
College GCC Liaison
Susannah Berry
College UCC Liaison

Integrated Coastal Programs

Siddhartha Mitra
College GCC Liaison

College of Nursing

Robin Webb Corbett
College GCC Liaison
Kathy Sitzman
College UCC Liaison

Honors College

Todd Fraley
College UCC Liaison