New Program Development

Request for Inclusion Process

The UNC System Office (UNC-SO) policies lay the groundwork for new degree program development. ECU derives a campus process based on those policies, and the ECU Faculty Manual details how they are applied. Academic Planning and Accreditation uses these resources to support faculty in their academic planning efforts.

An official, five-year academic program plan is maintained by ECU to provide a roadmap for new degree program development on campus. Units wishing to propose a degree may respond to a call for proposals from the Academic Council approximately every two years during the request for inclusion process. ECU’s Fall 2022 call for proposals is on hold for programs to be included on the 2023-2028 Academic Program Plan. As proposals are reviewed and approved, the status of programs on the plan is published on this site.

Additional online sources of data can be found on the resources page on this site. Sources include ECUUNC System Office, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and various sites for statistics and supplemental information for program planning.

Request for Inclusion 2023-2028

The Academic Council will issue a call for concepts on new programs to be included on the 2023-2028 Academic Program Plan. Concept papers must be submitted via email to Cyndi Bellacero.

Request for Inclusion (RFI) Process:

  • Faculty planners complete a two- to three-page Concept Paper (PDF) according to instructions; submit via email to Cyndi Bellacero.
  • Academic Council reviews concept papers and makes preliminary decision on which programs can move forward by late November.
  • If approved, invited faculty planners start a new proposal in Curriculog, (Form O –  Request for Preliminary Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program Form) and include all required documents, etc. listed in the form. See submission instructions below. Deadline: All proposals must be approved by department and college curriculum committees and be approved by the college dean in Curriculog.
  • Planners present to Academic Program Development Collaborative Team during the February or March meetings (dates TBD).
  • Planners present to campus and feedback is gathered, aggregated, and forwarded to the Academic Council in late March or early April.
  • Feedback is aggregated and forwarded to Academic Council within one week of campus-wide presentations.
  • Academic Council makes final decision on inclusion on the academic program plan in May.
  • Planners have one year to complete and enter the Request to Establish in Curriculog before being removed from the 2023-2028 Academic Program Plan.

RFI Submission Instructions for Invited Faculty:

  1. Open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) and access the Curriculog curriculum management system at Do not include “www” in the address.
  2. Log in using your regular Pirate ID and passphrase.
  3. Click +New Proposal in the top left pane.
  4. Choose Form P – New Academic Degree Program Request for Preliminary Authorization /Request for Inclusion.
  5. Click the checkmark at the end of the row to Start Proposal.
  6. Turn on Help Text by clicking on the “i” on the right of the top left pane.
  7. Follow form instructions to complete and approve your submission.

All submissions must be approved in Curriculog by your college dean.

For questions or assistance, please contact Cyndi Bellacero or 252-737-3614.